Obtaining health insurance and benefits today can be an overwhelming process, but that’s what The Urquhart Group is here for. You have the questions, and we have the answers.

How many employees do I need to start a group insurance plan?

Two – Insurance carriers require at least two (2) employees working 30 or more hours per week to start a group insurance plan. 

As an employer, if I offer a group insurance plan, is the company required to contribute toward the premium?

Depending on the plan that the employer chooses to put in for the group coverage, carriers require that the employer pay at least fifty-percent of the employee only premium.

Can I get my doctor in an insurance carrier's network of doctors?

The doctor will be considered as in-network if the insurance company accepts the doctor and the doctor accepts the insurance company’s contract.

Can I use any doctor that I want?

Yes – but it is recommended that you use the doctors and hospitals in network. Some plans have no coverage out-of-network with the exception of a life-threatening emergency.

Can my deductible carry over to the next year?

Yes – some plans allow the deductible that was met in the last quarter of the year to carry over to the next plan year.

Can I have dental insurance without taking the medical insurance?

Yes – if your employer offers a group dental plan along with the group medical plan, most insurance carriers will allow you to take the group dental coverage only.

Can I keep my insurance after I leave employment from my employer?

Yes – in many cases the employee can continue their insurance through COBRA or state continuation.